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Zavod Kronakril® LLC is the leading manufacturer of zinc phosphatebased corrosion inhibiting additives within paint and coatings industry. The manufacture is located in European Russia, 250 km away from Moscow.

The history of Zavod Kronakril began in 2003 with a small company focused on production of anti-corrosion pigments, iron oxide pigments and water-based paints production. One of the main objectives was minimization of the environmental impact in terms of toxicity. Subsequently, the company’s status transformed into Zavod Kronakril® LLC. Since 2010, the focus had shifted towards the production of anticorrosion pigments, supported by a constant process of technology innovation.

In 2018, production technology of corrosion-inhibiting additives was improved. Several zinc phosphate modifications were developed in order to improve parameters of the product for various clients’ needs. The new production line was registered under KRONPHOS® trademark. Further development was the registration of the REACH certificate, which proves the quality of the product for the purposes of the European Union. Since then, the company has been actively looking for partners outside Russia.

Annual turnover: 15 000 000 $

Employees: 80 people

World presence: Belarus, Kazakhstan

Headquarters: Zavod Kronakril, Yaroslavl, Russia